Friday, October 31, 2008

StampinEJ's Price Matching Program

Great news! StampinEJ will now "price match" all online competitors! If you see a stamping product you like from any other online store or vendor who is advertising the "right" price for you, please email me the link, and I will do my best to match it! This does not include eBay or other auction-related sites or % off coupons. Please note that all such orders must be prepaid in order for me to honor this special offer and some restrictions may apply.

For example, if you see COPIC markers for a specific price (including s/h, sales tax, etc), please email me the link or website. If their price is what you want to pay, I will gladly honor it! I appreciate your business! If I don't carry the item or have it in stock, I will try to order it for you or procure a source if you are willing to wait and prepay for it via check, m.o., credit card or PayPal.

**ALL items need to be prepaid by the aforementioned payment choices to StampinEJ, and the items will be shipped directly to you**

Email me if any questions!